The Adventures of Farkas the Dragonborn

A snarky story of Farkas and his journey through Skyrim with... himself. Warning: This blog contains Farkas.

"A Farkasborn is a rare individual who has been born with the blood and soul of a Farkas, but the body of a mortal, and can naturally learn and speak their ancient and powerful tongue. Farkasborn scarcely exist and it is rare for more than one to appear within an era..." - fix'd from TES Wikia

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chapter 4: war cows and mammoth cheese.

For some reason Farkas wasn’t able to sleep very well at all that night, and so when the sun rose the next morning he went out on a walk for some fresh air. Soon, he came upon a farmer escorting a cow. The farmer said the cow was meant as a peace offering to the giants who would leave his cattle alone in return. Farkas saw the painted markings on the cow, so much like his own warpaint, and thought it looked less like a peace offering and more like it was going to war.

He was right.

Farkas took a brief moment to recognize the irony of asking for your cattle’s protection but not for your own before he noted that the giants were very big and that perhaps it would be best if he was bigger as well. He transformed. As he did so, it occurred to him that Skjor had been correct - he felt extremely hairy. It was very exciting.

The giants were quite rude. Farkas thought it was very un-neighborly of them, so he beat them up. Meanwhile, their mammoths had been standing idly by and seemed to ignore what was going on…

…but charged once he transformed back into a human. Farkas thought this was rude as well, and not to mention a bit racist against humans.

So he beat them up too. In the name of Ysgramor.

War Cow came up to him afterwards and they shared a moment of silence in the true warrior fashion.

Then, Farkas’ nose drew him to the large, pungent baskets of Mammoth Cheese nearby. The giants did not protest (being very much incapacitated) and Farkas thought it was kind of them to share and so helped himself. Dinner at Jorrvaskr was fantastic that night.

The End.

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